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About G.A.R Capital

-Carlos G. CEO/President

-Carlos G. CEO/President


As CEO of this firm I am proud to have created a vision of personalizing trading: by providing a client centered approach to consulting, signals, and information regarding the Forex & Options Markets. We envisioned a one stop central hub for all aspect of trading: information, analysis, trading tools & education. With the help of my team of traders & analysts, this vision has become a reality. 

G.A.R Capital has been established as an educational platform that educates individuals on how to properly trade & navigate the markets. Our business model is based on our knowledge of fundamental & technical analysis of the Forex markets. We use this knowledge to assist clients with trading including entry, targets and risk management goals.

It is our mission  to exceed our clients' expectations with our commitment to their financial success.  Our ultimate goal is to create and preserve wealth and earn our clients' trust and confidence while building lifelong relationships.  We will do so by providing a full range of top performing, trading strategies and long term financial views with unparalleled personal customer service.  We will at all times maintain the highest levels of ethics, integrity and professionalism and seek to be a valued member of the communities we serve.

We have a combined 10 years of financial experience from expertise to uncovering opportunities in Forex & Options markets and managing risk with a longterm horizon of profitability. What sets us apart from other firms is our client centered approach. We do whats best for our clients and we treat their capital as if it was our own. I value every single client we have and my contact information is provided on the website, I would love to hear any feedback from you directly. We are always focusing on continued success, lets do it together.   

- Carlos G. CEO


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