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Learning to invest and trade the markets is something that is done over years of full grind trading in the trenches. Through these long prosperous although sometimes frustrating years we develop discipline, patience, adaptability, and mental toughness. Most importantly, we develop a strategy and learn to constantly profit in any bull/bear market. 

With over a decade of experience trading different asset classes, we at G.A.R Capital have developed a 1 on 1 trading course designed specifically to cater to your level in the investing world. At your pace and direction we provide live 1 on 1 training through 15 sessions. We will teach you swing trading, how to profit consistently regardless of market direction, and how to invest and hedge appropriately for long term sustained growth. We will help build your trading craft along with total portfolio management, continued mentorship upon completion, and 3 months of signals packages offering much much more!


Join today and grow with us!


5 Classes

1 on 1 teaching

3 months of Signals ($600 value)



10 Classes

1 on 1 teaching

6 months of Signals ($1,200 value)



15 Classes

1 on 1 teaching

Premium Signals for Life


All Packages Include:

  • All classes are recorded for you to watch any time
  • On Demand Udemy Videos
  • Money back satisfaction guarantee
  • Payment plans and referral bonus available!

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Check out what our students have to say:

I’ve just started my teaching course with Carlos at GAR capital. He has been fantastic in his explanation of options trading theory and strategy, making it easy to understand for a novice investor like myself. The options signals Carlos and Anthony putout speak for themselves, the guys clearly know how to profit consistently in any market! Thanks a lot, guys and I expect to be a client of theirs for the foreseeable future!
— Ryan
You guys have a very good read of the market, all the plays I went in with you guys were profitable and hit my 30% goal per play. It was the right decision to join, now I can make more plays with stocks I don’t follow closely, and still make my own plays as I have been doing for the past 3 years with Apple, Tesla, Amazon, and Google.
— Diogo O.
To Carlos and team behind GAR capital - I just want to say thank you. Before I found you guys, I had been working as a chemist for some time since I graduated college. I liked my career path, but I didn’t love it. With your mentorship, you have helped me cultivate passion that I had been longing for. I wake u every day excited and eager to learn with Carlos and the amazing team ar G.A.R Capital. The value they provide is tremendous. I urge anyone contemplating to join their teaching program to do so. I made the decision and I’m not looking back. It truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
— Nick
Carlos and Anthony are studs. The biggest thing I’ve learned is patience with their trades. Been here since late December and can tell you it doesn’t matter where the market goes, these guys got it under wraps.
— Jared J.
The one on one teaching sessions has been very informative. I have learned more about the market in a short time than years of work on my part. I feel more confident today on how to research, trend, and be patient to find the right trades.
— Shane
Carlos and Anthony have a very good vision of the market, you won’t regret joining the group.
— Diogo O.