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  1. We send our trades via email and our chat rooms (whatsapp and group me)
  2. We send trades as folows (example: EURUSD short 1% risk entry 1.10 TP 1.05 SL 1.12 - TP profit target and SL Stop Loss)

  3. We will update any trades via email and chat rooms, whether we move the SL or TP for example

  4. I will answer any or all of your questions in the chat room or email whenever you like. Response time usually within 15 minutes during market hours (NY) and longer during the asian session.

  5. Always use the 1% risk rule, 1% risk on all trades on your portfolio. Use a lot calculator to verify these levels depending on your equity size. Half position is 0.5% quarter is 0.25% a full position is ALWAYS  1%, any questions let me know.

  6. Take profit or close your trades at your discretion. Your are responsible for your own account take our signals and tips and use them to your advantage as only you know your own trading goals.

Thanks and welcome!!

Carlos CEO


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  • Per month reocurring for signal service
  • All Members Benefits
  • Excellent customer Service
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