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Global Macro Strategy

G.A.R Capitals’ long/short equity solutions are designed to maximize gains while minimizing risk through a well-diversified and hedged portfolio. With a long-term outlook which we believe is most important, we create a portfolio that is easy to understand, operate efficiently, transparent, liquid, and most of all – profitable, regardless of market direction.

We understand that individuals are sometimes forced to make financial decisions in the short-to-medium term. This is why through our strategy we ensure liquidity, and that portfolios can handle periodic volatility without abandoning the long-term investment plan. Our goal with our strategy is to provide a diversified return stream across different market environments, provide transparency, reduce volatility, and hedge appropriately through severe market disruptions.

A well-established client relationship, a balanced investment plan, and consistent communication are the tools that we employ to help our clients fully understand their portfolio and market movement.

We seek highly asymmetric investments, in which the upside potential significantly exceeds the downside risk.

"Our goal is continued success, let’s do it together"

— Carlos G. CEO